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Increasingly in modern society we’re required to be connected to the internet. For work, to socialise, to shop, and any number of activities in-between. Whilst it has it’s place as a useful learning and connective tool, it can leave us glued to our phones in order to get anything done, as well as significantly invade the precious free time we do have.

The idea behind Mammoth Exploration is an escape from that – a holiday from logging on, from screens, and a much needed injection of natural beauty – the kind you can only find in places that probably don’t have phone signal. Not only is it possible for you to escape the hustle and bustle, bit we also maximise the experience to fit in with that limitation of precious time we talked about. Micro time, mammoth adventure.

If you’ve never heard of a microadventure – allow us to explain. Microadventures have grown in popularity in recent years after being made popular by British adventurer and author, Alastair Humphreys. In essence, a microadventure is a bite-size, relatively simple expedition,that challenges, rewards,and packs a physical punch. Whatever your job, the limitations on your time, your sporting (or not so sporting) interests, we aim to deliver you a microadventure on a mammoth scale.

With that in mind, all the microadventures we offer are between 1 and 4 days in length, meaning there’s no need run through too much annual leave. The expeditions are also predominantly UK based, cutting down on travel time, but we do also offer international trips for those seeking to head a little further afield. A Mammoth microadventure aims to disconnect you from the rat race and reconnect you with your sense of adventure in some of the most beautiful landscapes the natural world has to offer.


Challenging outdoor adventures for a range of experience and fitness levels

We have set adventures for you to choose from, but what makes Mammoth Explorations different is that we can also take any of your own ideas, and make that trip a reality for you. If you have the determination and desire to climb a mountain or hike a gorge not already on our challenge menu – tell us! Our professional and insured mountain guides have a vast range of experience, meaning the only real limit is your own daring.

And when we say that – we mean it. Because another unique option with Mammoth Exploration, is that if the microadventure you choose requires a higher level of fitness and strength that you already have, together with our high level coaches at our award winning venue, The Commando Temple gym, we can put together a training package that ensures you’re prepared for all a mountain would have to throw at you.

The first step is your free consultation, either in person, online, or on the phone. All you need to do is provide us with your details on the contact form, and we can start working on your Mammoth microadventure.

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